Media Medic
Media Medic is passionate about online marketing, antivirus, computer/network protection and web design, but most importantly the results delivered.

We provide full account management and SEO consulting services for our clients to help them achieve the natural results they require. Media Medic specializes in Direct Traffic Campaign Management, Natural Search Campaign Management, Site Optimization, Online Impact and Visibility. CPC and Paid Search Campaigns are something we decline to work with as our ethos and approach lean more towards ensuring that your website achieves high visibility in natural (unpaid) search engine results rather than risky cpc or paid search activity.

Media Medic works with you to optimize your campaign to gain the highest possible search engine rankings and visibility for your site. Natural Search requires a longer term strategy to deliver the highest volume of targeted traffic to your website, where our specialists can assist you in creating a campaign which fits your needs as well as budget.

Our technicians can help with the installation, upgrade or troubleshooting of any antivirus or antispyware software needed at your home or office. We prefer to work with and sell Trend Micro home and small office products.

If your product or campaign is in need of web design we offer site creation at very competitive rates.

We also offer blog design, .mobi integration, Unix based web hosting and home PC or office consultations.

We have representatives in both North America and Europe. Enquiries may be made in English, German or Dutch.